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Welcome to the FOT-Net Wiki,
the free encyclopaedia of Field Operational Tests that anyone can edit!
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__NOTITLE__ This wiki intends to be a resource for anyone interested in Field Operational Tests, their organisation, their set up and their results. We strongly encourage you to contribute to this online resource.

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This month's featured FOT: COSMO


COSMO is a 32-month (2010-2013) pilot project co-funded by the European Commission under the Competitiveness & Innovation Programme - ICT Policy Support Programme (CIP - ICT-PSP).The aim of the project is to demonstrate in realistic conditions the benefits of cooperative mobility services and to quantify their impact on increasing the energy efficiency of transport. COSMO is adopting a system-wide approach to the assessment of energy efficiency, measuring the effect of a range of innovative traffic management systems on fuel consumption and traffic emissions, but also considering the impact of the energy used by the equipment itself. Experimentation will be carried out in the following application areas: Eco-traffic management & control; Eco-driving for private cars and public transport; Multimodal real-time travel information systems; Dynamic Access Management strategy; Eco-navigation. More information on:COSMO

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The FOT Catalogue

With the aim to involve all experts, FOT-Net has created a FOT Catalogue to which everyone can contribute. It is an online list of past and present FOT activities for anyone interested in FOTs, their methodology, their set-up and their results.

With this Wiki pages, we aim to build up a catalogue of key information about various past, current and planned field tests in Europe, North-America and the region Asia-Pacific. You can help us build the FOT Catalogue by listing or enriching information about your field test in this catalogue!

If your Field Operational Test is not listed and you would like to add a page, please use the FOT sheet template

You can copy the code and headings and create a new FOT page based on the defined template.

The FOT Glossary

The FOT community has gradually set up a Glossary starting from the activities of FESTA and now further improved by euroFOT. FOT-Net is trying to bring the Glossary to the whole FOT community in the FOT Glossary where anyone can suggest an addition or amendment.