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General Presentation

Volvo Technology Corp. (VOLVO) is an innovation company that is part of the Volvo Group with head office in Gothenburg (Sweden) and offices in Lyon (France) and Greensboro/Allentown (United States). On contract basis, VOLVO develops new technology, new product and business concepts for "hard" as well as "soft" products within the transport and vehicle industry. VOLVO’s primary customers are the Volvo Group companies (Volvo Trucks, Renault Trucks, Mack Trucks, Volvo Buses and others) and Volvo Car Corporation but also some selected suppliers. The department of Humans Systems and Structures, with about 45 full-time employees, focuses on research and development in the areas of driver support systems, driver awareness, interaction design, user impressions and satisfaction and virtual reality and driving simulation. The department is responsible for VOLVO’s contributions in AIDE as well as the PReVENT IP.


Volvo Technology has been very active in European Framework Programs for a long time. Within FP 6, VOLVO is the coordinator of the AIDE and GREEN research projects as well as a member of the steering committee in PReVENT IP. Furthermore Volvo Technology is a major partner in several STREPs and IPs: FIDEUS, SafeSpot, CVIS, HeavyRoute, SILENCE etc. Volvo Technology is also leading and participating in national research projects mainly in Sweden, France and the United States. Another important input to the current project will come from the work in the FESTA Support Action within which VOLVO is the leader of Vehicle systems and Data Requirements. FESTA is an important step in order to realize the Field Operational Tests (FOTs).

Relevant experience to FOTs



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