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General Presentation

The VW-Group is one of the largest globally active automotive manufacturers with a broad product range stretching from passenger car to luxury and sports cars, light & heavy duty trucks and commercial vehicles The focus of the Group´s R&D work includes projects of lowering CO2, particle and nitride oxide (NOx) emissions. The primary goal is to enhance proven technologies, making it possible to built lower-emission, more energy efficient vehicles. Research areas include: Electronics, Environmental and Mobility Science, Vehicle Technology and Dynamics, Manufacturing Science, Powertrain and Engine Technology and Control, Pedestrian Protection, Pre-Crash, Acccidentology.


  • Volkswagen has experience in the co-ordination of and participation in several national (German) and European research projects and networks as PROMETHEUS, MOTIV, INVENT, LACOS, SAVE-U and PReVENT etc.
  • Volkswagen’s extensive investigations in advanced driver assistance systems started already in the eighties, today Volkswagen has a large amount of experience in this field.

Relevant experience to FOTs



Andrzej Obojski