VSimRTI App OSGi (V2X Application Simulator for OSGi Applications)

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VSimRTI App OSGi (V2X Application Simulator for OSGi Applications)
Logo fraunhofer.jpg
Provider / Developer Fraunhofer FOKUS
Category Simulation
Purpose of tool V2X Application Simulation
Type of analysis Impact Assessment, Hypothesis Testing
Graphical User Interface (GUI) Yes
Operatin systems / platforms Linux
Work mode offline, online
Open source No
Typical users Engineering
Release date 2011
Last updated 2011
Used in projects SIMTD

The VSimRTI OSGi Application Simulator is part of the VSimRTI simulation runtime infrastucture. It is used to simulate real simTD OSGi based applications in connection with the various traffic, network and environment simulators VSimRTI can control. It supports the ASN.1 message format for (automatic) CAM and DENM sending and receiving. Moreover original simTD bundles can be used within this simulator without changing them. In effect the application simulator is also fully compatible to future versions of the simTD project components. In addition to that it is possible to deploy bundles of the simTD testing vehicles in the simulation environment and vice versa. As a result field tests can be easily prepared within the simulator. The flexible architecture also allows a later integration of other OSGi based frameworks like e.g. of Drive C2X.

VSimRTI_App OSGi is used to simulate real OSGi based applications.

Input data

Driver data, Vehicle data, Environmental data, Trajectories, Other application related data

Output data

Output of the applications


Availability/licensing for 3rd parties

Contact information

Name VSimRTI Team
E-mail vsimrti@fokus.fraunhofer.de
Contact website http://www.fokus.fraunhofer.de/en/asct/index.html
Product website

Additional notes