VSimRTI (V2X Simulation Runtime Infrastructure)

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VSimRTI (V2X Simulation Runtime Infrastructure)
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Provider / Developer Fraunhofer FOKUS
Category Simulation
Purpose of tool Simulation Architecture
Type of analysis Impact Assessment, Hypothesis Testing
Graphical User Interface (GUI) Yes
Operatin systems / platforms Platform independent
Work mode offline, online
Open source No
Typical users Engineering
Release date 2008
Last updated 2011
Used in projects PRE-DRIVE C2X, SIMTD

VSimRTI was developed for simulations where one single simulator is not sufficient (e.g. V2X simulations that need vehicle traffic and communication simulation). VSimRTI makes the preparation and execution of such simulations as easy as possible for the users. Therefore, a lightweight framework for simulator integration was created. In contrast to existing fixed simulator couplings, the VSimRTI simulation infrastructure allows the easy integration and exchange of simulators. Thus, the high flexibility of VSimRTI enables the coupling of the most appropriate simulators for a realistic presentation of vehicle traffic, emissions, wireless communication, and the execution of applications.

Depending on the specific requirements of a simulation scenario, the most relevant simulators can be used. All management tasks, such as synchronization, interaction and lifecycle management are handled completely by VSimRTI. Several optimization techniques, such as optimistic synchronization, enable high performance simulations. Special V2X features, e.g. traffic lights, roadside stations, and both CAM and DENM message types, are supported by VSimRTI. Moreover, various configuration options and enhanced user and developer documentation assure maximum usability.For immediate use, a set of simulators is already coupled with VSimRTI. For example, the traffic simulators VISSIM and SUMO, the communication simulators JiST/SWANS and OMNeT++, the application simulator VSimRTI_App, and several visualization and analysis tools are prepared for VSimRTI.

VSimRTI couples different simulators (e.g. for vehicular traffic, wireless network communication, and application simulation) and, thus, enables the simulation of the various aspects of (future) intelligent transportation systems.

Input data

Traffic networks, Vehicle routes, Infrastructure units, Communication related data, Weather events, Application data

Output data

All measures from coupled simulators


Coupled simulators have to allow interactions during runtime of a simulation

Availability/licensing for 3rd parties

Contact information

Name VSimRTI Team
E-mail vsimrti@fokus.fraunhofer.de
Contact website http://www.fokus.fraunhofer.de/en/asct/index.html
Product website

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