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Provider / Developer Fraunhofer FOKUS
Category Simulation
Purpose of tool Simulation framework, Run-time environment for multiple simulators
Type of analysis
Graphical User Interface (GUI) No
Operatin systems / platforms
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Open source No
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Used in projects PRE-DRIVE C2X, SIMTD

The V2X Simulation Runtime Infrastructure (VSimRTI) is a lightweight framework which enables the preparation and execution of V2X simulations. It is the most flexible system available in the automotive research arena to dynamically simulating traffic flow. VSimRTI couples different simulators thus allowing the simulation of the various aspects of future intelligent transportation systems. The easy integration and exchange of simulators enables the substitution of the most relevant simulators for a realistic presentation of vehicle traffic, emissions, wireless communication, and the execution of V2X applications.

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Name Björn Schünemann
E-mail bjoern.schuenemann@fokus.fraunhofer.de
Contact website http://www.fokus.fraunhofer.de/en/asct/index.html
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