UDRIVE - Car Data

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UDRIVE - Car Data
Used in FOTs: UDRIVE
Perspectives of the FOTs: Driver behaviour
Countries: France, The Netherlands, Germany, UK, Poland
Distance travelled
Hours of logging
Number of journeys
Number of events
Detections vehicles / travellers
In the raw data Position, Speed, Headway, Fuel consumption, Video
Calculated / derived Speed related, Position related, Headway related, Indicators annotated from video
Enriched information Speed limit, Weather condition, Road related information
Test subjects
Professional drivers "Not applicable" is not recognized as a Boolean (true/false) value.Not applicable
Test subjects 186
Equipped road sections / cross-sections
Vehicles 120
Vehicle types
Test setup
Start of field tests 2015/10/30
Length of field tests 18 months <br />1.5 years <br />
Length of baseline phase
Road type Urban streets, Urban main roads, Rural roads
Weather and other conditions included Normal conditions, Snowy/icy conditions, Rain, Reduced visibility, Darkness
Type of experiment Naturalistic driving
Design of experiment

Data sets acquired

Can be shared as
Data set Raw data Aggregated data

Map data
Other (specify)
Driver video data
Traffic video data

Other: mobileye data, pedals video data, passengers video data, sterring wheel video data

Data formats and possible standards

pre-processed data: .mat files

Frequency of logging

Continuous CAN signals: 10hz (e.g. mSpeed, mEngineRPM)

Slow changing continuous data: 1hz (e.g. fuel level, external temperature)

Map data: 1hz (e.g. Map_Matched_Latitude, Map_Matched_Longitude, mSpeedLimit)

GPS Data: 1hz (e.g. GPS_Latitude, GPS_Speed)

For state change signals: Non deterministic logging (e.g. mBrakePedalPosition) as many samples as state changes.

Mobileye signals: 10hz

Derived data: at 10hz (e.g. dMergedLineDetection), 2hz (e.g. dVehiclePositionInLane), 1hz (e.g. dRoadType), depending on the indicators.

Quality of data

Applied checks

many measurements are cleaned up to discard extreme values issued from specific situations (e.g. speed when engine stalling).

Limitations known

video quality for fine indicators

Test subjects

Age distribution

Germany: 20-29: 19%, 30-39: 26%, 40-49: 4%, 50-65: 52%

France: 20-29: 9%, 30-39: 28%, 40-49: 30%, 50-65: 33%

Poland: 20-29: 6%, 30-39: 48%, 40-49: 39%, 50-65: 6%

UK: 20-29: 15%, 30-39: 29%, 40-49: 19%, 50-65: 37%

Netherlands: 20-29: 9%, 30-39: 30%, 40-49: 27%, 50-65: 33%


103 males, 83 females

Male: 55.4%
Female: 44.6%

Test setup

Tested functions / facilities / services

Links to available tools


Data sharing

Conditions for data sharing

Data sharing only through udrive partners, i.e. not possible to acquire the dataset to be stored elsewhere.

Data support services and analysis

Data support services are currently (i.e. during the study) ensured by SAFER as CDC (Central Data Center) for the project. Contact: Erik Svanberg. Email: erik.svanberg@chalmers.se

Support on the analysis tool is ensured by CEESAR as tool provider for the project. Contact: Clément VAL. email: Clement.val@ceesar.fr

Contact information for data re-use

To be defined.

Currently ongoing coordination to establish PDCs (Partner Data Centers) allowing for some partners to store the entire dataset which is currently stored in the CDC (Central Data Center) during the study.


Available data samples for testing

Each operation site has a dataset for the pilot phase of the study.

Additional notes