SimTD Test Planning

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SimTD Test Planning
Provider / Developer Fraunhofer FOKUS
Category Planning
Purpose of tool Test planning
Type of analysis
Graphical User Interface (GUI) Yes
Operatin systems / platforms Platform independent
Work mode
Open source No
Typical users Test Planners
Release date 2010
Last updated 2011
Used in projects SIMTD

Web-based integrated test support, tool-set for cooperative FOTs.

Input data

Output data


Tested up to 600 vehicles

Availability/licensing for 3rd parties

Closed source

Contact information

Name Oliver Sawade
Contact website
Product website

Additional notes

Group Planning

up to 100 vehicle groups, each with a vehicle stereotype (normal vehicle, emergency vehicle, motorcycle, truck, control group..)

Route Planning

One route per group, determined by map-matching or free drawing


Events annotated to route nodes: Driver messages, Log-Profile changes, Vehicle function control

Environment Control


Map base

Google Maps

Fleet Management

Direct connection to proprietary fleet management system for scheduling and vehicles logs

Work Mode

Test Planning, Control and Monitoring