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General information
Type: Field operational test
Tested system/service: Cooperative Systems
Countries: Spain ? test users
2 partners 109 vehicles
Active from 09/2009 to 09/2011
Presentation of SISCOGA
David Sanchez
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A FOT for C2X applications will take place in Spain during 2010 and 2011 (SISCOGA, SIStemas COoperativos GAlicia). It will be based on an intelligent corridor, which is located in Galicia and will make use of the existing road network. CTAG (Galician Automotive Technology Centre) and DGT (Traffic Management in Spain), through the Northwest Management Traffic Centre, will use existing infrastructure (beacons, road posts…) of a road stretch to carry out the tests, equipping both in-roadside and more than 100 vehicles with the necessary hardware and software. The Traffic Management Centre of DGT in Spain controls the field equipment installed on the roads. This equipment communicates by a fibreoptic LAN network with SDH nodes finishing. Also, these stations communicate via 3G, which makes it possible to monitor their status continuously. Some of these stations are also connected to a weather station.

The chosen stretch along the A-52 and A-55 motorways is suitable for the tests due to lower traffic density and the available equipment (remote stations, video cameras, weather stations, information panels…). Moreover, the road hard shoulders enable vehicle detention for both tests and maintenance tasks. In addition, the corridor includes a tunnel (A Cañiza tunnel) which makes it possible to analyse a critical indoor scenario.

The additional equipment included in this intelligent corridor comprehends more than 30 Road Side Units working at 5,9 GHz. Some of these Road Side units are placed just at the entrance of Vigo city, being capable to work with traffic lights information.

The vehicles are divided in the following groups: - 20 fully equipped (Class I) passenger vehicles, with 5.9 GHz on board Communication units, GPS, specific HMI and CAN logging. - 5 emergency vehicles also with Class I equipment - 2 buses and 2 trucks with Class I equipment - 80 Class II equipped vehicles, with GPS and UMTS.

Different applications are considered, but mainly those related with safety systems using both C2I and C2C cooperative systems. Among the proposed cases, hazardous scenarios on a tunnel are planned as well as warnings about traffic congestion, weather conditions or road works will be part of the set of situations in the tests.

Details of Field Operational Test

Start date and duration of FOT execution

Start: August 2010

Duration of the FOT: Until July 2011

Geographical Coverage

Galician region (Nort-West Spain). Covering the surroundings of Vigo City.

Link with other related Field Operational Tests

SISCOGA is the follow-up of a R&D activity leaded by CTAG (C2ECom). Up to now, no links with other FOTs.


- Preparation of an intelligent corridor for C2X FOT purposes

- Pilot testing of the corridor with C2ECom functions

- Definition and implementation of evaluation methodologies applied to cooperative systems

- Interoperability assessment between different C2X technology providers and vehicles

- Final FOT with around 100 vehicles / users and assessment of results


Still under development

Lessons learned

Still under development

Main events

To be announced


Summary, type of funding and budget

Overall project budget is 345.000 €

Cooperation partners and contact persons

Two partners: CTAG and DGT (Spanish Traffic Administrator).

  • Public Authorities: DGT
  • Industry:--
    • Vehicle Manufacturer:--
    • Supplier:--
  • Users:--
  • Universities: --
  • Research Institutes: CTAG (see above for contact person)
  • Others (specify):

Applications and equipment

Applications tested

The following set of applications will be tested:

- accident / Traffic Jam Information

- Floating Car Data

- Adverse Weather information

- Variable Speed Limits

- Road Works Information

- Merge Assistant

- Alternative Route information


The vehicles in SISCOGA will be:

- 20 Class I passenger vehicles

- 5 Class I emergency vehicles

- 2 Class I trucks

- 2 Class I buses

- 80 Class II passenger vehicles

Equipment carried by test users


The road will be equipped with over 30 Road Side Units (5,9 GHz 802.11p communications)

Class I vehicles will be equipped with 5.9 GHz 802.11p communication unit, specific HMI, GPS with application maps, UMTS and CTAG Datalogger.

Class II vehicles will be equipped with UMTS, GPS and CTAG Datalogger.

Test equipment

CTAG datalogger in all vehicles


Pre-simulation / Piloting of the FOT


Method for the baseline


Techniques for measurement and data collection

Collected data: Application and CAN data. Data is available among partners.

Recruitment goals and methods

Non‐Professional drivers will be recruited through an already existing CTAG database and taking into account a fair representation of the population

Methods for the liaison with the drivers during the FOT execution


Methods for data analysis, evaluation, synthesis and conclusions


Sources of information