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General Presentation

SAFER – vehicle and traffic safety centre hosted by Chalmers university of Technology is a joint research unit that aims to find new solutions and improved systems for increased traffic safety. SAFER spans a broad base, covering several disciplines and encompassing traffic and vehicle safety in real environment. Research is conducted in four areas: Pre-crash, Crash, Post-crash and Integrated Safety. Research partners include trade and industry (automotive, telecom, insurance), academy (technical, medical, behavioural sciences)) and the public sector (road administration, institutes, etc). SAFER has a long tradition of collaboration in industrial research. Sweden has systematically accumulated expertise in the field of traffic safety. This provides SAFER with access to multi-disciplinary expertise and several established test facilities for both real and simulated testing. Ninety researchers (PhD-students, post docs, senior scientists and engineers, professors) are presently involved. SAFER has since last year led a national initiative on FOT with the following Partners: Chalmers, Volvo Group, Volvo Cars, Autoliv, SRA, Scania, Saab, SP and VTI. SAFER is the Swedish representative of the national FOT activities. SAFER will act as a networking link to the national FOT activities and facilitate the implementation of national FOT using the European FOT methodologies and provide feedback about the Swedish experience. SAFER will represent FOT-Net 2 in national or local meetings.


Relevant experience to FOTs



Trent Victor, Helena Gellerman, Jonas Bragman, Selpi, Marco Dozza