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Name of dataset:
Research Data Exchange - U.S.
Data relates to the following projects:
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Perspectives of the project(s):


Country/-ies in which the data was collected:
Data types:

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Data formats and possible standards:
Frequency of logging:

Quantity of the data

Kilometres driven / travelled:
Number of journeys:
Number of events:
Hours of logging:
Number of detected vehicles / travellers:

Main indicators

Measurements/recordings in the raw data:
Calculated indicators / derived variables:
Enriched information (map matching, etc.):

Quality of the data

Applied checks:
Limitations known:

Test subjects

Number of subjects:
Number of male subjects:
Number of female subjects:
Age distribution:
Were professional drivers included in the test subjects?:
Number of equipped road sections / cross-sections:


Number of vehicles:
Vehicle types:

Field tests

Start of field test:
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Total length of field tests:
Length of baseline phase:
Definition of baseline:
Timing of field tests:
Location of tests:
Road type:
Weather and other conditions included:
Type of tests:
Design of tests:

Tested functions / facilities / services:

Links to available tools:
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Data sharing

Conditions for data sharing:
Data support services and analysis:
Contact information for data re-use:


Available data samples for testing:
Additional test description:
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