Research Data Exchange - U.S.

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Research Data Exchange - U.S.
Used in FOTs: Connected Vehicle Safety Pilot
Perspectives of the FOTs: Driver behaviour
Countries: USA
Distance travelled
Hours of logging
Number of journeys
Number of events
Detections vehicles / travellers
In the raw data
Calculated / derived
Enriched information
Test subjects
Professional drivers "Not applicable" is not recognized as a Boolean (true/false) value.Not applicable
Test subjects
Equipped road sections / cross-sections
Vehicle types
Test setup
Start of field tests
Length of field tests
Length of baseline phase
Road type
Weather and other conditions included
Type of experiment
Design of experiment

Data sets acquired

Can be shared as
Data set Raw data Aggregated data

Quality of data

Test subjects


Test setup

Tested functions / facilities / services

Data sharing

Contact information for data re-use


Additional notes

The Research Data Exchange is a core element of the USDOT's Connected Data Systems Program. The Research Data Exchange is intended to support research, analysis, application development, and testing. It hosts several datasets available for re-use.