Rebel xt

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Rebel xt
Provider / Developer Influx Technology
Category Data acquisition
Purpose of tool CAN data collection
Type of analysis
Graphical User Interface (GUI) No
Operatin systems / platforms
Work mode
Open source No
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The Influx Technology data logging system is a complete solution. Comprised of the Rebel XT data logger, DiaLog configuration and data analysis software, SureFleet remote manage-ment and data collation and H Box instrumentation. The data logging system allows a unique and flexible solution to suit all applications.

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Additional notes


  • Number of CAN channels: x3 or x5 independent electrically isolated channels
  • Memory: SD (up to 32GB) internal mini SD 32GB
  • GPRS/GSM: yes
  • GPS: optional
  • USB: USB 2.0
  • WLAN: no
  • LAN: no
  • Interfaces: USB (2.0)
  • Input: 4,7 - 33 V


  • Size: (W) 119mm x (H) 174mm x (D) 36mm
  • Other inputs: 4x Digital IN
  • Other outputs: 4x Digital OUT
  • Energy Save: no
  • Filtering: no
  • Triggering: yes
  • Diagnose: no
  • Audio: no