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General Presentation


The National Institute for Land and Infrastructure Management (NILIM) is, under Article 43 paragraph 4 item (3) of the Basic Law on the Administrative Reform of the Central Government, positioned as a national research and experimental institute that performs technological policy research etc. work that must be performed directly by the national government, and is a part of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport, and Tourism. It performs comprehensive surveys, testing, research, and development (below referred to as "Research and Development") concerning the planning and drafting of policies regarding technology for the provision of infrastructures to use, develop, and conserve the national land.


Specifically, it performs research and development to achieve the following three goals:

  • Policy Support: research and development performed to help propose policies and draft policies
  • Enactment of Technical Standards: research and development concerning the enactment of technical standards in conformity with laws and regulations
  • Technical Support: providing technical guidance with research and development necessary for projects executed and managed directly by the ministry (including disaster countermeasures) and for regional public bodies in accordance with laws and regulations.

The results of research obtained by NILIM will be returned to wide sectors of society and to all the citizens of Japan by means of efficient provision of high quality infrastructure through planning and implementing projects of river, road, sewerage system, harbor, airport, housing, building construction, and urban development.

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