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Provider / Developer VTT
Category Post-processing
Purpose of tool Analysing log files, Decoding log files
Type of analysis Impact Assessment
Graphical User Interface (GUI) No
Operatin systems / platforms
Work mode offline
Open source No
Typical users Analysts
Release date
Last updated 2015/06/08
Used in projects DRIVE C2X, Tele-ISA, TeleFOT, Trafisafe

LogPro is a Java software for 1) importing log files into a database 2) detecting & marking events such as HMI activity periods 3) calculating summaries for trips and events. The summaries are used in impact assessment and technical evaluation, forming a basis for statistical work. One summary line for a trip can include for example the start and end times, distance travelled on highway and if the trip started after sunset. In total LogPro can provide more than 200 indicators.

Input data

GPS, Vehicle data, Weather events

Output data


Availability/licensing for 3rd parties

NDA options

Contact information

Name Sami Koskinen, VTT
E-mail sami.koskinen vtt.fiURIs of the form "sami.koskinen vtt.fi" are not allowed.
Contact website
Product website

Additional notes