Lancashire ISA Project

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Lancashire ISA Project
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General information
Type: Field operational test
Tested system/service: Intelligent Speed Adaptation
Countries: UK ? test users
? partners 430 vehicles
Active from 2010/04/01 to 2011/12/31
Lancashire County Council website
Lancashire County Council
Lancashire County Council
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This project deploys innovative but low-cost in-vehicle speed management systems for Lancashire drivers in the UK. The equipment involves an enhancement to standard satellite navigation systems to provide warnings, visually and auditorily, when the vehicle speed is over the speed limit as well as when the vehicle approaches historical accident spots. The system is configured to turn on upon ignition and is not overridable by the driver. Data are logged at 1 Hz and transmitted back to the data server through the GSM network. The system has been installed in 430 vehicles for a 9-month field trial. A wide range of drivers participate in this FOT, including newly qualified drivers, generic private motorists, taxi drivers, bus drivers, and fleet drivers.

Details of Field Operational Test

Start date and duration of FOT execution

The FOT started on 19 April 2010 and completed on 31 March 2011

Geographical Coverage

The digital speed limit map covered all public roads within the boundaries of the three highway authorities:

  • Lancashire
  • Blackpool
  • Blackburn with Darwen

Lancs map.png

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The ISA-UK project

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The objectives of the project were:

  • to create a digitalised speed limit map for Lancashire
  • to deploy an advisory ISA system based on PND platform
  • to explore the effectiveness of advisory ISA system


To be provided upon approval of the final report

Lessons learned

To be provided upon approval of the final report

Main events

Dissemination of results through national and international conference


Summary, type of funding and budget

£857,000 of public funding

Cooperation partners and contact persons

  • Lancashire County Council (project management)
  • University of Leeds (trial design and evaluation)
  • Smart Car Technologies Pty Ltd (system integration)
  • Mobile Devices Ltd (hardware supplier)
  • Photarc Surveys Ltd (digital speed limits map)
  • Base Systems Ltd (system installation and technical support)

Main Contact persons

   Mr Vali Birang
   Head of Sustainable Transport & Safety
   Lancashire County Council
   Prof Oliver Carsten
   Institute for Transport Studies
   University of Leeds
   Dr Frank Lai
   Institute for Transport Studies
   University of Leeds

Applications and equipment

Applications tested


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Test equipment


Pre-simulation / Piloting of the FOT

Method for the baseline

Techniques for measurement and data collection

Recruitment goals and methods

Methods for the liaison with the drivers during the FOT execution

Methods for data analysis, evaluation, synthesis and conclusions

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