Jist/SWANS with extensions by Ulm University

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Jist/SWANS with extensions by Ulm University
Logo cornell.png
Provider / Developer Cornell University, Ulm University
Category Simulation
Purpose of tool Communication Network Simulation
Type of analysis Impact Assessment, Hypothesis Testing
Graphical User Interface (GUI) Yes
Operatin systems / platforms Platform independent
Work mode offline, online
Open source Yes
Typical users Engineering
Release date 2005
Last updated 2005
Used in projects PRESERVE

SWANS is a Java-based, scalable wireless network simulator built atop the JiST platform. SWANS leverages the JiST design to acheive high simulation throughput, save memory, and run standard Java network applications over simulated networks. A number of extensions and improvements for JiST/SWANS have been developed at Ulm University, particularly for vehicular ad hoc networks.

NOTE: The copyright of Cornell University limits the free use of JiST/SWANS to academic use. While extensions like the one from Ulm University can be provided as additions or patches, bringing out new versions of the simulator is not easily possible.

Simulation studies in SeVeCom, PRECIOSA, and PRESERVE were/are being conducted using JiST/SWANS.

Input Data: The DUCKS tool (one of the extensions by Ulm University) uses config files to define a complete setup of a simulation study. This means that both the setup of the simulation (e.g. nodes, scene, mobility etc.) and the DUCKS runtime environment (e.g. how to log, which servers to use etc.) can be included in one large file in the common Java properties format.

Output Data: The DUCKS tool (extension by Ulm University) supports an extensible model for storing result data. How results are saved, is set up in the simulation study config file. DUCKS can save all simulation results in a relational database, currently MySQL.

Input data

Output data


Availability/licensing for 3rd parties

Contact information

Name Rimon Barr
E-mail rb83@cornell.edu
Contact website jist.ece.cornell.edu
Product website

Rimon Barr: rb83@cornell.edu (Jist/SWANS)

Dr. Frank Kargl: frank.kargl@uni-ulm.de (extensions)

Additional notes