Interdisziplinaeres Zentrum fur Verkehrswissenschaftenan der Universitaet Wuerzburg

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General Presentation

The Center for Traffic Sciences at the University of Wuerzburg (IZVW) is an institution within the university working on traffic related research projects. The Center consists of researchers from different faculties, e.g. psychology, medicine, legal sciences, engineering. In addition the Center is working closely together with administrative authorities, who provide e.g. full acess to all governmental accident data bases. Staff consists of about 25 scientists with different backgrounds.

Research activities are behaviour measurement, human machine interaction, psychoactive substances, traffic safety, driver training and human factors in road construction. Research can be characterized by a multi-method/multitechnique approach. A large scale of techniques are available, ranging from high-fidelity driving simulation and a fully instrumented car to all kinds of ambulant and stationary measurements. Portable devices for psychophysiological (e.g. ECG, EMG and EEG) and behavioral parameters (e.g. eye tracking, eyelid behavior, verbal behavior) allow the same measurement quality in the field as in the laboratory. The IZVW has substantial experience in developing simulation systems based on a very new software architecture both for research and training purposes.

Main contractors are governmental institutions (e.g. European Union, Federal Ministry of Education and Research, Federal Highway Research Institute), research funding institutions as well as car manufacturers and automotive suppliers. Actually, the IZVW is involved in the EU projects TRAIN-ALL, 2TRAIN, LEONARDO, SPARC and DRUID.


Conducting large scale studies, mainly with questions of driving safety with help of assistance systems, experience in conducting EU projects

Development of behavioural methods for measuring fatigue, workload, mental models, acceptance, joy of use, extended data about multifacet measuring of psychological constructs

Research and universitary teaching in evaluation methods,

Relevant experience to FOTs



Hans-Peter Krueger, Barbara Metz