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The main objective of this Wiki page is to enable a deep comparison of the results of worldwide C-ITS FOT. This real time comparison shall also facilitate the technical and business convergence between regions.


The COMeSafety2 project aims at the coordination of activities to support the implementation of cooperative systems. COMeSafety2 is developing several actions such as supporting progress of the standardization mandate at ETSI and CEN; assisting the EU-US cooperative systems task force; developing a European multimodal cooperative ITS architecture and updating the European cooperative systems communication architecture; and contributing towards the European research agenda planning process.

A particular goal of COMeSafety2 is to ensure synergies amongst intercontinental FOTs on cooperative systems with the help of an “Intercontinental FOT Exchange Platform”. This platform addresses the need to gather co-operative system FOT information, focusing on test methodologies, data collection and evaluation as well as consolidating the main FOT results. The Exchange Platform should be helpful for all those working on cooperative system FOTs around the world, and will provide input for an “Intercontinental FOT Exploitation Forum” event to be held in 2012, to discuss and present available and expected FOT results, as well as related activities such as the EU-US Cost-benefit Analysis. COMeSafety2 is pleased to share and contribute to the FOT-Net wiki as host for its Intercontinental FOT Exchange Platform.

Cooperative system FOT database

List of Cooperative sytem FOT

FOT showroom

Countries Europe USA Japan Korea
Project overview overview overview
final results report*
overview overview overview overview overview
Applications / Use Case Description use cases use cases link link link link link
Technical - Conformance testing results link technical assessments* link link link link link
Technical - Interoperability results link see technical assessment link link link link link
Technical - Simulation results link n/a link link link link link
Technical - Performance measurement results link see technical assessment link link link link link
Non - Technical: Driver Behaviour / Distraction Impact link n/a link link link link link
Non - Technical: Customer acceptability link customer study* link link link link link
Non- Technical: Customer Value link see societal value link link link link link
Non - Technical: Societal Value link impact assessment*
Analysis of efficiency*
economical impact*
link link link link link
Non - Technical Organizational Impact link n/a link link link link link
Non - Technical Legal Impact link regulatory assessment* link link link link link

\* currently in German only

FOT result compilation

This part aims to present a compilation of the results from the different co-operative system FOT projects.

Process to gather FOT results

FOT results

Summary of the main results

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