Imc busdaqX

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Imc busdaqX
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Provider / Developer IMC
Category Data acquisition
Purpose of tool CAN data collection
Type of analysis
Graphical User Interface (GUI) No
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Open source No
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The imc busDAQ is a CANbus data acquisition system. It can be connected to CANbus device such as sensors, measurement amplifiers or electronic control units and supports up to 8 nodes as well as a variety of protocols such as CCP and KWP2000.

busDAQ-X is the universal, configurable system module which can be expanded with additional multi-bus interfaces to up to 8 nodes. With the extended functions, such as online-functions, WLAN, modem, Display, digital in- and outputs, as well as direct GPS connection, even complex measurement networks or dive test applications are no problem.

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Additional notes


  • Number of CAN channels: 2 (up to 8)
  • Memory: CF o HDD (optional)
  • GPRS/GSM: yes (extern modem connection)
  • GPS: yes
  • WLAN: no
  • LAN: yes
  • Interfaces: 10x subd9, 2x subd15, rj45
  • Casing: Fanless extruded aluminium
  • Input: 10-50V


  • Size: 185 x 110 x 110 mm
  • Prize: tbc
  • Other inputs: yes
  • Other outputs: yes
  • Consumption idle: 200 mW
  • Consumption on: 8 W
  • Energy Save: yes
  • Audio: no