Imc busdaq2

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Imc busdaq2
Logo imc.jpg
Provider / Developer IMC
Category Data acquisition
Purpose of tool CAN data collection
Type of analysis
Graphical User Interface (GUI) No
Operatin systems / platforms
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Open source No
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The imc busDAQ is a CANbus data acquisition system. It can be connected to CANbus device such as sensors, measurement amplifiers or electronic control units. Measured data transmitted via CANbus can be triggered, displayed and mathematically processed. The busDAQ is configured using the very user-friendly software imcDevices and can be saved expressed in their physical units. Some models can be connected to the LIN and ARINC busses, in addition to CANbus.

Input data

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Additional notes


  • Number of CAN channels: 2
  • Memory: CF (optional)
  • GPRS/GSM: yes (extern modem connection)
  • GPS: yes
  • WLAN: no
  • LAN: yes
  • Interfaces: 6x subd9, rj45
  • Casing: Fanless extruded aluminium
  • Input: 10-50V


  • Size: 185 x 110 x 51 mm
  • Prize: tbc
  • Other inputs: no
  • Other outputs: no
  • Consumption idle: 200 mW
  • Consumption on: 3 W
  • Energy Save: yes