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General Presentation

ITS Israel is a non-profit organisation whose goal is to support Israeli transportation stakeholders with the development and deployment of ITS in Israel and to facilitate the incorporation of Israeli ITS products worldwide.


ITS Israel has developed a strategic plan to meet the challenge of expediting ITS deployment processes at national and international level.

Relevant experience to FOTs

As the first step of this strategic plan, ITS Israel is now working on the establishment of the Israeli Field Operational Support Centre, with the following actions taken so far:

• ITS Israel joined FOT-Net an associated partner;

• an Israeli FOT working group was established in cooperation with ILTAM;

• a FOT-Net seminar was conducted in June 2010;

• a scale up activity was initiated to tailor the eIMPACT- eSafety effectiveness assessment to the Israel transportation environment.

ITS Israel is seeking further cooperation with FOT-Net and other ITS stakeholders to develop the required know-how and procedures to support cooperation between national and pan-European agencies responsible for ITS deployment.


Eran Reuveni