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Provider / Developer Vector
Category Data acquisition
Purpose of tool CAN data collection
Type of analysis
Graphical User Interface (GUI) No
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Open source No
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The GL loggers are automotive data recorders which can be used in test vehicles or on test benches. The loggers of the GL3000 family are solutions for operators of test fleets who need to record extensive CAN/LIN networks or the optional MOST150. These loggers exhibit low current consumption in Sleep Mode and are therefore ideally suited for continuous use in the vehicle. The loggers are immediately ready for operation from Standby mode, so that the system start can also be acquired. The loggers of the GL4000 family offer all of the functionality of the GL3000 family and also offer access to FlexRay.

Input data

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Contact website gllogger en.html
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Additional notes


  • Number of CAN channels: 1 up 8 / 2x LIN / 2x FR
  • Memory: SD / USB / HD
  • GPRS/GSM: yes
  • GPS: optional
  • USB: USB 2.0
  • WLAN: optional 802.11g
  • LAN: yes
  • Interfaces: USB (2.0)
  • Input: 6-36 V


  • Size: 213 x 78 x 235 mm
  • Other inputs: 8x Digital IN, 6x Analog IN, 8x Analog Differential IN
  • Other outputs: 8x Digital OUT
  • Energy Save: no
  • Filtering: yes
  • Triggering: yes
  • Diagnose: optional
  • Audio: no