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FOT-Net’s primary goal is to establish a support action for strategic networking of existing and future National, European and Global FOTs (e.g. US and Japan). The action should include all stakeholder groups that play or will play an active and needed role in existing and future National, European and Global FOTs.

The major objectives of FOT-Net are twofold. First, FOT-Net will establish a European networking body for National, European and Global FOTs where all stakeholders from public and private sectors are represented. Then FOT-Net will contribute to improve significance, visibility, comparability and transferability of available FOT results at National and European level by promoting the implementation of a common European FOT methodology (FESTA results).

This wiki intends to be a resource for anyone interested in Field Operational Tests, their organisation, their set up and their results. We strongly encourage you to contribute to this online resource.

The purpose of the Field Operational Tests wiki is to offer publicly a catalogue of the National, European and international FOT activities with in-depth information and contact details in order to keep the stakeholders informed of the past, current and future FOT activities and experiences.

The wiki-based catalogue is an online, open, free encyclopaedia with key information on all FOTs. It can be accessed and modified freely by any FOT network member at

The FOT catalogue has been created and continuously updated through the following actions:

  • Fact sheets: The initial content for the online catalogue was gathered using a standardised FOT Fact Sheet consisting of the minimum information required for the description of a Field Operational Test.
  • Wiki: The experts and stakeholders to have direct access and freely update the

catalogue with more information.

  • Contacts: Collection of information through contacts established by the FOT-Net partners with FOTs points of contact.
  • FOT-Net meetings: Information gathered from the European and International stakeholders’ workshops and also from the seminars.
  • FOT projects meetings: Attendance to key meetings of the FOT Network.

All modifications to the catalogue are moderated by the FOT-Net partners (FIA and ERTICO) who are entitled to reject or correct erroneous contribution.

In addition, the information extracted from the wiki has been illustrated in the “FOT Timeline” which is available on the FOT-Net website in the “Catalogue” section.