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Active from 2007 to 2008
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Centro Ricerche FIAT
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FESTA has provided support to the FOT community by designing a handbook of good practice. The handbook will provide applicants to subsequent ICT calls, as far as possible (given the range of near-market ICT systems), practical guidance to allow them to develop compelling FOT projects that address the Commission’s desire for an integrated and coordinated program of research.

The FESTA handbook covers issues concerning all aspects of the time-line and administration of an FOT, such that advice will be provided regarding aspects from needs analysis at the commencement of an FOT all the way through to the integration of the acquired data and estimation of socio-economic benefits at the end.

Main publication

  • First and most important input: The final version of the FESTA handbook on FOT methodology [1]

UPDATE: FOT-Net has undertaken to update the FESTA Handbook. The new version can be discovered on the corresponding page of the Wiki: FESTA Handbook

Full list of publications complementing the FESTA handbook:

  • D2.1 A Comprehensive Framework of Performance Indicators and their Interaction [2]
  • D2.1 Performance indicator matrix table [3]
  • D2.2 Data Requirements for FOT methodology [4]
  • D2.3 Primer on experimental procedures [5]
  • D2.4 Primer on data analysis and modelling [6]
  • D2.5 FOT Implementation plan [7]
  • D2.6 Socio-economic impact assessment for driver assistance systems [8]
  • D3 Common vision regarding vehicle systems FOTs [9]
  • D4 Common vision regarding cooperative systems FOTs [10]
  • D5 Common vision regarding nomadic devices FOTs [11]
  • D6.3 FOTs requirements, legal aspects, planning and development [12]

Source of information

FESTA Offical website