DRIVE C2X - Finnish test site

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DRIVE C2X - Finnish test site
Used in FOTs: DRIVE C2X
Perspectives of the FOTs: Driver behaviour
Countries: Finland
Distance travelled 1,000 km <br />
Hours of logging 100 hours <br />6,000 minutes <br />4.167 days <br />
Number of journeys 89
Number of events 2400
Detections vehicles / travellers
In the raw data Position, Speed, Vehicle control related, Fuel consumption, HMI related, Video
Calculated / derived Speed related, Position related, Indicators annotated from video
Enriched information Speed limit, Weather condition, Road related information
Test subjects
Professional drivers Not included
Test subjects 80
Equipped road sections / cross-sections
Vehicles 4
Vehicle types Passenger car
Test setup
Start of field tests
Length of field tests
Length of baseline phase
Road type Urban streets, Urban main roads
Weather and other conditions included Normal conditions, Snowy/icy conditions
Type of experiment Controlled tests
Design of experiment Within subjects

Data sets acquired

Can be shared as
Data set Raw data Aggregated data

Questionnaires Yes
Weather data Yes
Map data Yes
Traffic video data Yes

Data formats and possible standards

PostgreSQL database tables

Frequency of logging

1 Hz continuous, 10 Hz for events

Quality of data

Applied checks

Quality checks for all data

Test subjects


61 males, 19 females

Male: 76.3%
Female: 23.8%

Test setup

Definition of baseline

Same driver drove two times the same route, with and without the system enabled

Timing of field tests (during which months the tests were implemented)

controlled tests in two batches during 2013

Location of tests

Tampere Finland

Tested functions / facilities / services

In-vehicle signage, roadworks warning, car breakdown warning. Additionally weather warning in winter tests.

Links to available tools

LogPro, PostGreSQL, WebScenarioEditor

Data sharing

Conditions for data sharing

NDA template exists

Data support services and analysis

Good documentation available, basic support possible

Contact information for data re-use

Sami Koskinen, VTT (sami.koskinen


Available data samples for testing

Sample lines could be provided both from raw and post-processed summary data (trip and event summaries)

Additional notes