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General Presentation

The Institute of Transportation Systems of the German Aerospace Centre (DLR) aims to improve the safety and efficiency of road and rail transportation through its research activities and numerous projects, involving industrial and scientific partners. Around 100 scientists from different disciplines work on innovative solutions for automotive and railway systems, and traffic management.


Besides its activities in the departments of Railway Systems and Traffic Management, the institute’s Automotive Department has human-centred design of advanced driver assistance and automation systems as a major working area. These and other research activities are supported by elaborate research facilities, such as the DLR ViewCar®, which allows observing driving in real traffic to understand driver behavior and the dynamics of surrounding traffic. Based on such results, assistance and automation systems are developed to support the driver in an adequate manner and to prevent errors as well as accidents.

Relevant experience to FOTs

First prototypes are usually implemented in a virtual reality laboratory and other simulation facilities for fast and efficient testing and evaluation. If necessary, a special dynamic driving simulator can be used for further evaluation steps. Experimental vehicles (FASCar-I/II) are available to demonstrate proposed concepts of assistance and automation in reality.


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