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General Presentation

The Hague has a already a history in ITS involvement. From 2000 onwards the city has developed and build its own Urban Traffic Management Centre and several innovative applications, like information systems for recreational traffic towards the Scheveningen beach resort, catering for more than 10 million visitors a year. This innovations include a new Full Colour Information Panel, that is in use for many purposes, and a dynamic bus lane. Recently City Council has approved the next ITS deployment plan, this time related to and supporting the policy to reduce traffic in the city centre. The new ITS plan basically guides traffic from outside the city along dedicated routes to and around the city centre.

Investing in roadside equipment is still necessary, is the City’s opinion. To be prepared for the future, and the transition to In-Car information systems, the VMS’s and UTMC of The Hague will be compliant with the specifications for cooperative systems.


The traffic guidance system of The Hague will show messages how best to reach the city centre, as well as the motorway on the way back, on more than 60 VMS’s around and in the city on important and critical points in the network. Where possible this VMS’s will be combined with traffic signs or parking guidance. All these measures contributes to a more liveable city centre, both for visitors and inhabitants.

Relevant experience to FOTs

In order to establish the impacts of distributing traffic management information to In-Car and handheld devices, both on technical as on traffic and environmental indicators, The Hague and partners in the region want to set up a Field Operational Test from 2010 together with industry and service providers. With FOT-Net we have the opportunity to implement outcomes of other FOT’s into ours and to communicate our results to the FOT-Net community.


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