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General Presentation

CTAG (Centro Tecnológico de Automoción de Galicia) is a private, non-profit R&D technological automotive center devoted to support the automotive industry in its research, development and innovation needs. CTAG is present in the different stages of the development of the product, from initial advanced research to the product life. The fields of competence where CTAG concentrates its activities are: Safety, Manufacturing process and new materials, Environment, Electronics&ITS, HMI&Ergonomics and Innovation Knowledge and Management In the field of electronics and new advanced technologies, CTAG’s Innovation Division is formed by an interdisciplinary team of experienced engineers, technicians and specialists, focused on the following areas: Advanced Driver Assistance Systems and technologies, Communication and mobility, Comfort, Human Machine Interface& Ergonomics and Electronic Architecture.


Relevant experience to FOTs

FOT-Net, EuroFOT


Francisco Sanchez, Dávid Sanchez