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General Presentation

The Continental Corporation is one of the world's leading automotive industry suppliers offering comprehensive know-how in tire and brake technology, vehicle dynamics control, electronics and sensor systems with the aim of making individual mobility safer and more comfortable.

The corporation is organized into four divisional areas for Automotive Systems, Passenger and Light Truck Tires, Commercial Vehicle Tires, and ContiTech. The company manufactures tires for cars, commercial vehicles and two-wheelers, hydraulic and electronic brake systems (ESC, ABS, TCS), electronic air suspension systems, hybrid drives and telematics. Alongside products for the automotive industry power transmission systems and suspension mounts. The ContiTech division also manufactures products for machine engineering and mining and for the furniture and print industries.


Automotive Systems has production facilities at 36 locations (plants, research centers and test tracks) in 17 countries. With systems, components, and development expertise for comprehensive driving safety, comfort, chassis, powertrain technology, as well as telematics and communications solutions, the Automotive Systems division specializes in networking active and passive safety, developing electric drives, and providing sophisticated body electronics for intelligent and sustainable mobility.

The driver assistance systems detect and analyse the vehicle environment and thus allow the vehicle to react on its own to the traffic situation and the surroundings. Aside from adaptive cruise control and lane-keeping assistance, the development focuses on networking the systems of active safety, in order to make driving simultaneously safer and more comfortable.

Continental´s A.D.C. GmbH was first to supply radar sensors for DC´s S-class ACC in 1999.

Continental is actively involved in the eSafety activities and an active supporter of the eSafety Aware and Choose ESC! Campaigns.

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