CIP PSP Electromobility pilot projects glossary

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This glossary is based on the commonly agreed vocabulary for and by the four CIP PSP pilot projects on Electromobility jointly launched in 2012. These projects are SmartCEM, MOLECULES, MOBI.Europe, and ICT4EVEU. This glossary will be updated as it undergoes modifications

A glossary of terms relating to Electormobility Pilot projects.

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  • Architecture High level description of the system to be designed implemented and tested during the project lifecycle. It identifies functional components of the system and specifies their interfaces between them.

It will be an ICT-based architecture mainly involving the EVs, the Control Centres and the General Management System , so that useful information can be bi-directionally exchanged and value added services provided to the users. Both communications aspects and security aspects shall be taken into consideration.


  • Charging station Component in the infrastructure that supplies electric energy for the recharging of EVs.


  • Electromobility Mobility solution based on the use of EVs and supported on top of an electric infrastructure.


  • Interface Link between the different components in the Architecture and defined by means of the set of services that the component supports.

  • Interoperability Interoperability between systems in every pilot and between these and the equipment’s that will be deployed in the future is a characteristic that ensures and guarantees the communication and well understanding among them.

To ensure the interoperability between systems technologies and equipment used will meet the existing European standards, defined by the European Standardisation Organisations (ESOs), and will promote the definition of new standards (i.e. plug-in standard).


  • Pilot According to the European Commission, Pilot projects are pre-deployment projects occuring last in the chain of projects towards deployment.


  • User Any actor that is directly interacting with systems.

General users: Citizens that will make use of the services provided by the projects.

Corporate users: Employees of a company with a fleet of EV available for their workers.

Public fleet usesr: drivers, and public fleet operators that will make use of the services provided by the project.


Vehicle user: person or legal entity using the vehicle and providing information about driving needs and consequently influences charging patterns

Business users: delivery services, couriers agents, taxi drivers


  • Service Set of functionalities that are implemented and provided by components in the Architecture.