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General information
Type: R&D
Tested system/service: Cooperative Systems, Methodology
Countries: Germany, France, UK, The Netherlands, Sweden, Italy, Belgium, Austria ? test users
22 partners ? vehicles
Active from 2008/07/01 to 2010/09/30
Matthias Schulze
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With its integrated approach to cooperative systems PRE-DRIVE C2X is paving the way for the Europe-wide implementation of vehicular communication technology.

The PRE-DRIVE C2X project is co-funded by the European Commission Information Society and Media in the 7th Framework Programme.

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PRE-DRIVE C2X’ main goal was twofold: The first goal was to specify and prototype a common European C2X communication system. The other goal was to develop the necessary tools for operating a field operational trial with cooperative systems on a European level and comprehensive assessment of the impacts.

PRE-DRIVE C2X stands for:

  • the successful test and demonstration of a commonly agreed prototype for a European vehicular communication system based on the COMeSafety architecture description
  • the prototypical implementation of the most promising use cases for a European C2X communication system
  • an integrated simulation toolset for development and holistic assessment of the impact of cooperative systems technology
  • the tools for economic assessment of vehicular communication technology and descriptions of viable implementation scenarios and business models.


Evolution of safe and sustainable mobility

Main achievements are:

  • specification and prototypical implementation of a European architecture for cooperative systems based on COMeSafety architecture description
  • realisation of hardware and software components robust enough for testing in field operational trials
  • proving system interoperability with demonstration vehicles and radio modules from different partners
  • development and verification of tools and procedures for field operational testing
  • realisation of an integrated simulation toolset to assess safety, traffic and environmental impact of C2X communication technology and to upscale the results to the European level
  • description of viable business models and implementation strategies for cooperative systems technology in Europe

Furthermore, PRE-DRIVE C2X is actively contributing to all relevant European standardisation activities in the field of ITS to push forward the implementation of vehicular communication technology in Europe.

Next step

For more information, see also DRIVE C2X

The next step is to perform extensive field trials to quantitatively assess the impact of the PRE-DRIVE C2X use cases on traffic safety, efficiency and environment, to achieve consensus of potential users and the commitment of the relevant stakeholders.

Lessons learned

Main events


Summary, type of funding and budget

Total cost: EUR 8 552 176

EU contribution: EUR 5 014 999

Cooperation partners and contact persons

  • Germany
    • Renesas Technology Europe
    • PBS AG
    • Universitaet Karlsruhe
    • Delphi Delco Electronics Europe
    • European Center for Information and Communication Technologies
    • Adam Opel
    • Irion Management Consulting
    • Audi Aktiengesellschaft
    • SAP AG
    • BMW Forschung und Technik
    • Deutsches Zentrum fur Luft und Raumfahrt
    • PTV AG
    • Volkswagen AG
    • Fraunhofer IAF
  • France
    • Institut National de Recherche sur les Transports et leur Securite
    • Hitachi Europe SAS
  • United Kingdom
    • NEC Europe Ltd
    • University of Surrey
  • The Netherlands
    • TNO
  • Sweden
    • Volvo Technology AB
  • Italy
    • Centro Ricerche Fiat
  • Belgium
    • Interuniversitair Micro-Electronica Centrum VZW
  • Austria
    • Technische Universitaet Graz

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