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The Data Catalogue is the latest addition to FOT-Net catalogues. It was added in summer 2015, with the aim to promote FOT datasets for further evaluation projects. For re-users, existing quality data and shared tools provide a fast start. Benefits for those who share data are mainly about collaboration options and references to their original work. Data providers are free to promote not only their data but also related services. Finally, cataloging data and describing the conditions for accessing it are key steps in meeting the requirements of publicly funded data collection projects.

CARTRE project, which operates FOT-Net key activities in 2018, has a focus in automated driving datasets. However, as those datasets are currently closer to development phase than large-scale user testing, for the moment the Automated Driving Datasets are featured separately.

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You can "drill down" on a group of data sets based on the provided information with this data browsing tool.

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