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Welcome to the FOT-Net Wiki,
the free encyclopaedia of Field Operational Tests that anyone can edit!
443 articles and 7,847 edits by 30,689 registered contributors.

This wiki intends to be a resource for anyone interested in Field Operational Tests, their organisation, their set up and their results. We strongly encourage you to contribute to this online resource.

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Experiencing problems using the wiki? Check the help page or contact us at info@fot-net.eu. The site has recently been updated with new features and is in beta stage. Please leave feedback and suggestions regarding the changes. You can also send e-mail to henri.sintonen@vtt.fi for help and information about the changes.

FOT Catalogue

The FOT Catalogue describes past and present Field Operational Tests (FOTs), Naturalistic Driving Studies (NDSs) and other such activities. You can browse or search the catalogue or help us by adding new entries or editing existing ones.

Data Catalogue

The Data Catalogue describes datasets collected in FOTs and NDSs including conditions for availability for re-use and contact persons. You can browse or search the catalogue or help us by adding new entries or editing existing ones.

Tool Catalogue

The Tool Catalogue is an inventory of special tools required in conducting a FOT or a NDS. You can browse or search the catalogue or help us by adding new entries or editing existing ones.

Frequently asked questions

The FOT Glossary

The FOT community has gradually set up a Glossary starting from the activities of FESTA and now further improved by euroFOT.

FOT-Net is trying to bring the Glossary to the whole FOT community in the FOT Glossary where anyone can suggest an addition or amendment.

In addition the four pan-eropean CIP PSP pilot projects on Electromobility that were launched jointly in 2012 are working on a common Glossary. The CIP PSP Electromobility pilot projects glossary can be viewed on this Wiki.

FESTA Handbook

To improve comparability and significance of FOT results at national and European levels, the FESTA project, funded by the European Commission, originally developed a handbook on FOT methodology. The methodology is now owned by the FOT community. It is promoted and it has been periodically updated by FOT-Net. FOT-Net organises webinars and workshops disseminating the methodology.

Visit the FESTA Handbook page to browse the FESTA Handbook and the deliverables of FESTA.

FESTA Handbook: Festa V Activities ContextFESTA Handbook: Selection and description of functionsFESTA Handbook: Definition of use cases and situationsFESTA Handbook: Identification of the research questionsFESTA Handbook: Performance IndicatorsFESTA Handbook: Study DesignFESTA Handbook: Measures and SensorsFESTA Handbook: Data AcquisitionFESTA Handbook: DatabaseFESTA Handbook: MeasuresFESTA Handbook: Performance IndicatorsFESTA Handbook: Data AnalysisFESTA Handbook: Identification of the research questionsFESTA Handbook: Impact AssessmentFESTA Handbook: Socio Economic Cost Benefit AnalysisFESTA Handbook: Ethical & Legal IssuesFESTA Handbook: FOT Implementation PlanIm 1.1.png
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Another useful reference tool is the iMobility effects database. This database maintains state-of-the-art knowledge of the effects of different intelligent vehicle and infrastructure systems. Links to studies, conference papers and articles are structured according to type of system or application.