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General information
Tested system/service:
Countries: European  ? test users
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Active from 2014 to 2016
[http://www.cogistics.eu/ http://www.cogistics.eu/]
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Coordinator: Mr. Pierpaolo Tona
[mailto:p.tona@mail.ertico.com p.tona@mail.ertico.com]
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326 Avenue Louise B-1050 Brussels, Belgium

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CO-GISTICS will deploy cooperative ITS services for logistics. The integration of currently existing freight and transport systems, with innovative solutions such as cooperative services and intelligent cargo, will lead to increased energy efficiency and more sustainable mobility of goods.

CO-GISTICS targets an effective increase of energy efficiency and a more sustainable mobility of goods through the deployment of Cooperative ITS services and technologies applied to logistics.

CO-GISTICS will deploy 5 services:

Intelligent parking and delivery areas

Multimodal cargo CO2 emission estimation and monitoring

Priority and Speed advice

Eco-drive support

Each of the pilot sites includes all the partners for a successful after-project life, from public authorities to logistics operators. The user groups will include fleet operators, trucks, freight forwarders, terminal operators and logistics providers. The consortium will install the services on at least 325 vehicles (trucks and vans).

CO-GISTICS will not only prove the cost-efficiency and benefits of its services, but will also focus on deployment, scaling up and exchange of results. In order to ensure a successful continuation of the services after the project, CO-GISTICS will identify deployment barriers and propose appropriate solutions that are acceptable by the relevant stakeholders.

Special attention will be given to the collaboration with the European standardisation organisations ETSI and CEN for a pan-European and global deployment of the services.

Details of Pilot project

Type of project

Information and Communication Technologies Policy Support Programme, Pilot Type B

Number of partners

30 partners

Main Contact persons

Project Coordinator: Pierpaolo Tona Email: p.tona@mail.ertico.com

Dissemination Manager: Carla Coppola Email: c.coppola@mail.ertico.com

Cogistics c/o ERTICO - ITS Europe 326 Avenue Louise B-1050 Brussels, Belgium

Start date and duration of project

3 years (start 1/1/2014)

Start Date and duration of Piloting execution

Geographical Coverage

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Expected Impact

Availability of data

Main events

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€ 7.492.000


EU funding € 3.746.000


Champions and Contact persons

  • Coordinator:

Project Coordinator: Pierpaolo Tona Email: p.tona@mail.ertico.com

  • Partners:

ERTICO (Coordinator), AGUILA, ATOS, AUTAMAROCCHI, AZKAR, CEAGA, CERTH, City of Bilbao, City of Vigo, CTAG, DB SCHENKER, DHL, ETRA, FERNETTI Terminal, FRAPORT, GEOLOC, HERE, HOLM, ICOOR, IRU Projects, MLC, M3Systems, NOVACOM, PluService, Politecnico di Bari, Region of Central Macedonia, SAMER, SEAWAY, TEAMNET, TELVENT, T-SYSTEMS, TREDIT, Università degli Studi di Trieste, WEST EUROTRANS


Pilot Users


Test equipment

Collected data


Key milestones of the project

Pre-simulation / Piloting of the FOT

Criteria to achieve scientific results

Method for the baseline

Techniques for measurement and data collection

Methods for data analysis, evaluation, synthesis and conclusions

Sources of information

[ERTICO website]

Facts about "CO-GISTICS"
CompanyERTICO - ITS Europe

326 Avenue Louise

B-1050 Brussels, Belgium +
ContactCoordinator: Mr. Pierpaolo Tona +
CountryEuropean +
Ended2016 +
NameCo-Gistics +
Started2014 +