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Used in FOTs: TeleFOT
Perspectives of the FOTs: Driver behaviour
Countries: UK
Distance travelled
1,980 km
1,980 km
Hours of logging
Number of journeys
Number of events
Detections vehicles / travellers
In the raw data Position, Speed, Vehicle control related, Video
Calculated / derived Speed related, Position related, Indicators annotated from video
Enriched information Speed limit, Weather condition, Road related information
Test subjects
Professional drivers Not included
Test subjects 20
Equipped road sections / cross-sections
Vehicle types Passenger car
Test setup
Start of field tests 01/2011
Length of field tests
2 months
0.167 years
2 months
0.167 years
Length of baseline phase
Road type Urban streets, Urban main roads, Rural roads, Main roads and corridors
Weather and other conditions included Normal conditions, Rain, Reduced visibility, Darkness
Type of experiment Naturalistic driving
Design of experiment Within subjects

Data sets acquired

Can be shared as
Data set Raw data Aggregated data

Questionnaires Yes Yes
Weather data Yes
Map data Yes
Probe data Yes Yes
GPS Yes Yes
Driver video data Yes Yes
Traffic video data Yes Yes

Quality of data

Test subjects


Test setup

Definition of baseline

No functions in use

Timing of field tests (during which months the tests were implemented)

January and February 2011

Location of tests

Mainly in the East Midlands area (Nottingham/Leicester/Coventry), UK

Tested functions / facilities / services

Green-driving Support Forward Collision Warning and Lane Departure Warning / Lane keeping support

Data sharing

Conditions for data sharing

Data sharing may be possible depending on the intended use of the data.

Contact information for data re-use

Loughborough University, Andrew Morris,


Additional notes

Facts about "TeleFOT - UK DFOT3"
Calculated indicatorsSpeed related +, Position related + and Indicators annotated from video +
CountryUK +
Data nameTeleFOT - UK DFOT3 +
DatatypeQuestionnaires +, Weather data +, Map data +, Probe data +, GPS +, Driver video data + and Traffic video data +
Design of experimentWithin subjects +
Distance travelled1,980 km +
Environmental conditionsNormal conditions +, Rain +, Reduced visibility + and Darkness +
Field test length2 months (0.167 years) +
Indicators for enriched informationSpeed limit +, Weather condition + and Road related information +
Is a data set inTeleFOT +
Number of test subjects20 +
Professional drivers includedfalse +
Project perspectiveDriver behaviour +
Raw data indicatorsPosition +, Speed +, Vehicle control related + and Video +
Road typeUrban streets +, Urban main roads +, Rural roads + and Main roads and corridors +
Start of field testsJanuary 2011 +
Type of experimentNaturalistic driving +
Vehicle typesPassenger car +