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General information
Type: Pilot
Tested system/service:
Countries: The Netherlands  ? test users
 ? partners  ? vehicles
Active from 2001/01/01 to 2001/12/31
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Henk J. Stoelhorst
Dutch ministry of Transport (Rijkswaterstaat)
Centre for Transport and Navigation, The Netherlands
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For over one year a pilot fleet of about 1000 vehicles provided operational experience with a new form of RDS/TMC radio traffic information in The Netherlands.

The pilot project was commissioned by the Rijkswaterstaat in the framework of the socalled RIC (Realisation in-car) project to a consortium lead by ARS-T&TT. The consortium developed the equipment, mounted the equipment in a fleet of 1000 vehicles and operated this fleet for over one year (2001).

Details of Field Operational Test

Start date and duration of FOT execution

Geographical Coverage

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  • To increase industries willingness to invest in medium priced TMC receivers
  • To promote consumer awareness and to assess user satisfaction with TMC.


A series of user surveys revealed interesting results concerning user appreciation and behavioural aspects.

Most drivers are satisfied with the new equipment and its related TMC travel information service.

RIC satisfaction travelstar.jpg

More than 90% of them assign added value to the TMC information, compared to the regular radio traffic information. In particular the possibility to retrieve information on request, to select only relevant information and the presentation of information on a map display are appreciated by the participants in the pilot.

RIC travelstar information.jpg

Drivers confirm increased quality of the TMC information service over regular radio service, by revealing as most significant experienced quality aspects that they are being informed earlier and more often about queues on their routes.

Most important behavioural aspects were route changes over destination or mode changes. Some 75% of drivers stated that they changed their route more often than before. An analysis of driver logbooks revealed 34% route changes in trips with TMC information (compared to 22% for normal radio traffic information). This confirms that real time traffic information as provided by RDS/TMC may lead to considerable route changes in congested networks and can be an important tool to optimise the use of the road network.

Lessons learned

Main events


Summary, type of funding and budget

Cooperation partners and contact persons

  • Public Authorities: Rijkswaterstaat Netherlands
  • Industry
    • Vehicle Manufacturer:
    • Supplier:
  • Users:
  • Universities:
  • Research Institutes:
  • Others (specify):

Main Contact person

  Henk J. Stoelhorst
  Dutch ministry of Transport (Rijkswaterstaat)
  Centre for Transport and Navigation
  The Netherlands
  Phone: + 31 887982497

Applications and equipment

Applications tested

RDS/TMC radio traffic information


The vehicle fleet consisted of a mixture of private and goods vehicles, the largest fleet being provided by de Lage Landen Translease with 400 cars.

Equipment carried by test users

The in-car equipment in the pilot consists of a TMC receiver and a GPS device, both linked to a Personal Digital Assistant with a colour screen. The screen displays a road map with the actual traffic situation. The TMC traffic messages can be displayed in text as well.


Test equipment


Pre-simulation / Piloting of the FOT

Method for the baseline

Techniques for measurement and data collection

Recruitment goals and methods

Methods for the liaison with the drivers during the FOT execution

Methods for data analysis, evaluation, synthesis and conclusions

Sources of information

Rijkswaterstaat - TravelStar brochure May 2002

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