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General information
Type: Pilot
Tested system/service: Alternative Fuel Vehicles, Energy Efficiency
Countries: Portugal, Ireland, The Netherlands, Spain  ? test users
12 partners 1200 vehicles
Active from 2012 to 2014
João Caetano
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MOBI.Europe - integrated and interoperable ICT applications for a smart connected electro-mobility in Europe - is an integration project based on ICT systems that aims to guarantee interoperability of electro-mobility services across countries (International Roaming) and the smart integration of electric vehicles into the transport and energy systems, and to ease users’ adoption of electro-mobility solutions.

The MOBI.Europe pilots will contribute to the standardisation and openness of the electric vehicle ecosystem through a System of Systems (SoS) approach, establishing open interfaces between them and allowing for the exchange of information, setting the basis for a pan-European network of services associated with electro-mobility, whilst respecting national and local differences.

MOBI.Europe pilot sites are Portugal, Ireland, Amsterdam (The Netherlands) and Galicia (Spain).

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Details of Field Operational Test

Start date and duration of FOT execution

Geographical Coverage

MOBI.Europe pilot sites are Portugal, Ireland, Amsterdam (The Netherlands) and Galicia (Spain).

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Cooperation partners and contact persons

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Methods for data analysis, evaluation, synthesis and conclusions

Sources of information

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Facts about "MOBI.Europe"
CompanyINTELI +
ContactJoão Caetano +
CountryPortugal +, Ireland +, The Netherlands + and Spain +
Ended2014 +
Is type ofPilot +
NameMOBI.Europe +
Number of partners12 +
Number of vehicles1,200 +
Started2012 +
Tested system or serviceAlternative Fuel Vehicles + and Energy Efficiency +
Website +
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