ITS-Safety 2010

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ITS-Safety 2010
General information
Type: Field operational test
Tested system/service: Autonomous Systems
Countries: Japan  ? test users
 ? partners  ? vehicles
Active from 04/2008 to 03/2011
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In Japan, ITS-Safety 2010 promotes ITS. IT is a project that performs public-private large-scale, on-road verification tests to present ITS technologies and to allow the general public to experience them. The tests (conducted on public roads) are aimed at verifying the effectiveness of ITS services and systems and quantitatively evaluate their level of contribution to reducing the number of traffic accidents. ITS-Safety 2010 is a project for large-scale verification tests that have been conducted since 12 January 2009, in Tokyo's Odaiba district.

With the goal of building the world’s safest traffic society, the testing was part of a major public-private partnership to prepare the way for commercialization of ITS technologies by 2010. Especially, in order to make effective use of radio waves in various ITS applications, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications drew up measures for research and development, standardization, dissemination and promotion of ITS info-communication technologies.

The regional tests, which began in April 2008, were carried out in eight cities, counties and regions, with the aim of developing technology to be used after 2010. The experiment was conducted taking into consideration regional characteristics. The tests in the Tokyo metropolitan area began in January 2009 with the purpose of confirming the system’s interoperability, investigating the effects and acceptance levels and raising public awareness.

The verification tests were conducted by combining the "DSSS" system of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department, the "ASV" system of the Road Transport Bureau of Japan's Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism (MLIT) and the "Smartway" system of the Road Bureau of the same ministry. The rigorous tests checked for consistency in the infrastructure technology installed along public roads, the ability of ITS systems built by different manufacturers to communicate with each other, and the overall effectiveness of the system itself. The ITS-Safety 2010 tests were a vital step toward full-scale commercialization of ITS systems.

As the result of ITS-Safety 2010, two V2I cooperative systems have been actualized in Japan from 2011.

  • ITS Spot (Smart Way) on highway service, wide area traffic information, hazard warning, road condition ahead, so on.
  • DSSS (Driving Safety Support Systems) on ordinary road,
    • Stop sign recognition enhancement
    • Rear end collision prevention support at end of red signal queue
    • Stop sign recognition enhancement
    • Crossing collision prevention Support

Details of Field Operational Test

Start date and duration of FOT execution

Geographical Coverage

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The overall goal of the project is to achieve the practical application of vehicle-infrastructure cooperative systems by the end of March 2011.


Lessons learned

Main events

2009.02.25-28 ITS-Safety 2010 Public Demonstration
Among the 19 different applications tested, automobile manufacturers demonstrated vehicles equipped with ADAS systems such as Adaptive Cruise Control, Collision Mitigation Brake, Lane Departure Warning and Side Obstacle Warning.


Summary, type of funding and budget

Cooperation partners and contact persons

  • Public Authorities: Cabinet Secretariat; Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications(MIC); National Police Agency, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry; Ministry of Land Infrastructure and Transport (MLIT)
  • Industry: Nippon Keidanren (Japan Business Federation)
    • Supplier:
  • Users:
  • Universities:
  • Research Institutes:
  • Others (specify): ITS Japan

Applications and equipment

Applications tested

DSSS (Driving Safety Support Systems), Smartway, ASV (Advanced Safety Vehicle), ACC (Adaptive Cruise Control), Collision Mitigation Brake, LDW (Lane Departure Warning), Side Obstacle Warning


Equipment carried by test users


Test equipment


Pre-simulation / Piloting of the FOT

Method for the baseline

Techniques for measurement and data collection

Recruitment goals and methods

Methods for the liaison with the drivers during the FOT execution

Methods for data analysis, evaluation, synthesis and conclusions

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