FREILOT pilot - city of Lyon-France

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FREILOT pilot - city of Lyon-France
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General information
Type: Pilot
Tested system/service:
Countries: France  ? test users
16 partners 30 vehicles
Active from 04/2009 to 10/2011
JB Thebaud
Interface Transport
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FREILOT pilot focuses on reducing energy consumption of goods delivery vehicles in urban areas. Smooth driving behaviour, optimised planning and routing combine with smooth heavy vehicle targeted traffic control can contribute to achieve higher fuel efficiency, less pollution, higher driver comfort and more efficient use of infrastructure. The pilot will also serve as a basis for identifying and resolving deployment enabling “non-technical” elements, such as driver acceptance, business models, cost-benefit investigation and regulatory aspects.

“FREILOT pilot – city of Lyon France” can be considered as a large scale testing programme: about 30 vehicles (trucks), drivers are professional truck drivers, experimentation on open roads.

[FREILOT video]

Details of Field Operational Test

Start date and duration of FOT execution

Geographical Coverage

City of Lyon France

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1. increase energy efficiency in road goods transport in urban areas through a holistic treatment of traffic management, fleet management, the delivery vehicle and the driver, and demonstrate quantifiable benefits in the pilot (up to 25% reduction of fuel consumption in urban areas is feasible). 2. widely disseminate and share the pilot results so that the FREILOT service can become a truly pan-European solution for energy efficient, holistic and integrated goods transport in urban areas, and ensure that FREILOT implementations continue after the pilot 3. increase the involvement of fleet operators, cities and other stakeholders, and extend the implementations to more cities and/or truck fleets.


Lessons learned

Main events


Summary, type of funding and budget

Total FREILOT budget: 4 €M

Cooperation partners and contact persons

FREILOT partners: ERTICO – ITS Europe (Coordinator), VOLVO, PEEK Traffic, CTAG, CERTH, LET, Interface Transport, Cities of Lyon, Helmond, Krakow and Bilbao, GERTEK, MLC ITS Euskadi, Fleets: AZKAR, Nanuk, Van den Boeck Logistics and fleet operators in Warsaw and Lyon

Main Contact person

M. Thebaud (Interface Transport)

Maria Tevell (VOLVO)

Applications and equipment

Applications tested

FREILOT pilot plans to test the following services:

  • traffic management - energy efficient intersection control (by providing priority to trucks at intersections)
  • vehicle - adaptive speed and acceleration controls
  • driver - enhanced eco-driving support
  • fleet management - real-time loading/delivery space booking


about 30 trucks

Equipment carried by test users


open roads

Test equipment


Pre-simulation / Piloting of the FOT

Method for the baseline

Techniques for measurement and data collection

Recruitment goals and methods

professional truck drivers

Methods for the liaison with the drivers during the FOT execution

Methods for data analysis, evaluation, synthesis and conclusions

Sources of information


CompanyInterface Transport +
ContactJB Thebaud +
CountryFrance +
EndedOctober 2011 +
Is type ofPilot +
NameFREILOT pilot - city of Lyon-France +
Number of partners16 +
Number of vehicles30 +
StartedApril 2009 +
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