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Logo isense.png
Provider / Developer ICCS/I-SENSE
Category Risk assessment
Purpose of tool Estimation of risk levels, Estimation of driver's intentions
Type of analysis
Graphical User Interface (GUI) Yes
Operatin systems / platforms Windows
Work mode offline, online
Open source No
Typical users OEMs, Vehicle integrators, Analysts
Release date 2010
Last updated 2010
Used in projects TeleFOT

Environmental Conditions Assessment (ECA) in TeleFOT monitors and measures activities outside the vehicle in order to assess the external contributors to the environmental and traffic context and also to predict the driver’s intention for lateral manoeuvre. Existing sensors used by collision-warning (long range radars), lane departure warning (cameras) and positioning systems combined with vehicle inertial sensors could be used to help understand the environment outside the vehicle.

Input data

Radar data, Camera data, Vehicle inertial data, GPS, Steering wheel angle, Pedal position

Output data

Collision risk, Lane exit risk, Speed in curve risk, Traffic risk, Environment risk (Audibility), Environment risk (Visibility)


Availability/licensing for 3rd parties

Contact information

Name Angelos Amditis
Contact website
Product website

Additional notes

Facts about "ECA"
Email of tool contact +
Name of tool contact personAngelos Amditis +
Provider nameICCS/I-SENSE +
Tool categoryRisk assessment +
Tool has GUItrue +
Tool inputRadar data +, Camera data +, Vehicle inertial data +, GPS +, Steering wheel angle + and Pedal position +
Tool is open sourcefalse +
Tool nameECA +
Tool outputCollision risk +, Lane exit risk +, Speed in curve risk +, Traffic risk +, Environment risk (Audibility) + and Environment risk (Visibility) +
Tool purposeEstimation of risk levels + and Estimation of driver's intentions +
Tool released2010 +
Tool supports OSWindows +
Tool updated2010 +
Tool work modeoffline + and online +
Typical users of toolOEMs +, Vehicle integrators + and Analysts +
Was used inTeleFOT +
Website of tool contact person +