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General information
Type: Field operational test
Tested system/service: Cooperative Systems
Countries: The Netherlands  ? test users
13 partners  ? vehicles
Active from 01/2010 to 12/2012
Contact Bart van Arem
TU Delft
The Netherlands
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Mobility is one of the pillars of the Dutch economy and society. Mobility is under pressure by congestion in the Netherlands and other densely populated areas. In its focus area Driving Guidance, the HTAS Innovation program has formulated the ambition to come to a 25% reduction in travel delay time. In order to take further steps to combat congestion it is essential to ‘connect’ to the road-side infrastructure and use additional information and tools that are outside the vehicle.

Connected Cruise Control (CCC) is a breakthrough application in this direction. It provides an advice to the driver regarding speed, headway and lane in order to anticipate to and eventually prevent congestion. It is based on the integration of in-vehicle systems and roadside algorithms for traffic flow improvement. As a first step it can be introduced as a retrofit nomadic device. In this way it can rapidly gain a substantial penetration rate and provide a foundation for OEM fitted systems with active vehicle control.

The different stages of the project:

  • 2010: Develop architecture, in-car and road-side platform
  • 2010-2011: Basic research data fusion, traffic flow improvement, HMI
  • 2012: Testing, evaluation
  • (2012- 2013: Product development)

Details of Field Operational Test

Start date and duration of FOT execution

Testing and evaluation in 2012

Geographical Coverage

Link with other related Field Operational Tests

SPITS project


The proposed project aims to find answers to research questions to support the development of the CCC and deliver proof of its effectiveness relating to

  • the overall architecture of the CCC system,
  • the fusion of data from an intelligent camera, CAN bus, GPS and a dynamic digital map,
  • on-line traffic flow models needed to provide a speed, headway and lane use advice,
  • the combination of information from in-vehicle systems and traffic flows models and
  • the design of the Human Machine Interface.


There are no results yet. Traffic flow simulations indicate potential delay savings of about 30% in regular congestion. In addition the reduction of congestion and smoothening of traffic flows can result in 10% reduction of fuel consumption in these conditions.

Lessons learned

Main events

Presentation of the project at Intertraffic in Amsterdam, March 2010.


Summary, type of funding and budget

Cooperation partners and contact persons

13 partners, among which TNO, TU Delft, TU Eindhoven, University of Twente, Clifford, NAVTEQ, NXP, SAM and Technolution

  • Public Authorities: Rijkswaterstaat
  • Industry: Clifford, NAVTEQ, NXP, SAM, Technolution
  • Universities: TU Delft, TU Eindhoven, University of Twente
  • Research Institutes: TNO, SWOV

Main contact person

Prof. dr. ir. Bart van Arem, Delft University of Technology

+31 15 27 86342

Applications and equipment

Applications tested


Equipment carried by test users


Test equipment


Pre-simulation / Piloting of the FOT

Method for the baseline

Techniques for measurement and data collection

Recruitment goals and methods

Methods for the liaison with the drivers during the FOT execution

Methods for data analysis, evaluation, synthesis and conclusions

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Facts about "CCC"
CompanyTU Delft + Bart van Arem +
CountryThe Netherlands +
EndedDecember 2012 +
Is type ofField operational test +
NameCCC +
Number of partners13 +
StartedJanuary 2010 +
Tested system or serviceCooperative Systems +
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